Come with us on a tour to Kala Bay, Nsumbu National Park

Our Kala Bay cruise and walk is our most popular activity into Nsumbu National Park. This is because its great for animal sightings, namely elephants, hippos, warthogs, antelopes and various birds, as well as the gorgeous landscapes and calm reflective waters in the bay. This is always done late afternoon so that visitors can view […]

Exploring the blue depths of Lake Tanganyika, Africa’s deepest lake.

The name Lake Tanganyika alone inspires visions of intrepid explorers and ancient trade routes through the heart of Africa. At 640 kilometers in length and over 1,400 metres at its deepest point; almost 1/6th of all the surface fresh water on earth is contained in this astounding lake. Lake Tanganyika is bounded by 4 countries: […]

Honeymooners and SCUBA divers who can’t swim, Just another day on the Lake.

Over the week and long weekend we were quite lucky to get some keen clients into camp. We had a honeymoon couple who enjoyed private meals and moonlit campfires, a young group of Zambians from Lusaka keen on relaxing and snorkelling and lastly a surprise family group of Indians keen on trying SCUBA diving for […]