Come with us on a tour to Kala Bay, Nsumbu National Park

Our Kala Bay cruise and walk is our most popular activity into Nsumbu National Park. This is because its great for animal sightings, namely elephants, hippos, warthogs, antelopes and various birds, as well as the gorgeous landscapes and calm reflective waters in the bay. This is always done late afternoon so that visitors can view... Continue Reading →


Can you Snorkel? If not, read this

Snorkeling Basics Safety is the #1 rule of snorkeling. Never snorkel alone, don't snorkel if you can't swim and use common sense.  The First Time Snorkeling The most important thing for a first time snorkeler is to get comfortable wearing the mask and breathing through the snorkel. Some people get anxious and have difficulty breathing... Continue Reading →

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