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The History of the MV Liemba aka The African Queen – The Oldest Passenger Ferry in the World

The MV Liemba, formerly the Graf von Götzen, is a passenger cargo ferry that runs along the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Just to get us started here are some quick facts about our beloved MV Liemba that you may not know: Built in 1913 Scuttled in 1916 – raised again after several years at the bottom of Lake […]

10 Interesting Facts about our beloved African Elephants you should know

Sadly Elephant numbers in Africa are declining every day due to illegal poaching and human-animal conflict.  The much anticipated results of the largest ever continent-wide wildlife survey, the Great Elephant Census, were released at the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii. The worrying finding: Africa now has 352,271 savanna elephants left in 93 percent of the […]

Exploring the Underwater Wonderland of Cichlids in Lake Tanganyika, Zambia

Lake Tanganyika in Africa is primarily known for its glittering scenic vistas, fantastic fishing and the coastal expanse of Nsumbu National Park but the most extraordinary part is often missed, exploring its underwater world and the animals that inhabit it. You don’t have to be an ecologist to appreciate this experience and its fast becoming […]

Come with us on a tour to Kala Bay, Nsumbu National Park

Our Kala Bay cruise and walk is our most popular activity into Nsumbu National Park. This is because its great for animal sightings, namely elephants, hippos, warthogs, antelopes and various birds, as well as the gorgeous landscapes and calm reflective waters in the bay. This is always done late afternoon so that visitors can view […]