Conservation Lake Tanganyika

“To promote and preserve the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika for the sustainable benefit of its inhabitants through a partnership with the community and GRZ”.

 Lake Tanganyika and its surrounds are recognised as a biological wonder under threat. The loss of wildlife, fish life and habitats pose a grave threat to the biodiversity of the region and indeed the world.

However it is the communities living along the Lake shore that are most affected by its decline and consequent loss of both their current livelihoods and the prospect of a future where both wildlife and humans can benefit from a healthier and sustainable Lake Tanganyika.

Nsumbu National Park in the SW corner of the Lake and the surrounding communities can be considered a representation of the threats and challenges faced by many areas of Tanganyika. It can also be considered an opportunity to overcome these challenges to the benefit of the local people, the wildlife and the Lake itself.

We believe it is possible for a successful and developing Nsumbu National Park to ocontribute greatly to the overall conservation of the area and provide a means for an improved quality of life for the people that have lived here for millennia.

It is with this ethos in mind that the idea of Conservation Lake Tanganyika has formed.

If you would like to help our cause please email Craig Zytkow on


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  1. Mr craig Zytkow must be recommended for engaging the commuties there to proctect the wildlife it for this reason that WILLA MUNGOMBA FOUNDATION WAS BORN TO PUT HEADS TO GETHER IN ORDER TO PROTECT OUR AREA

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