The Waterfalls of Northern Zambia

Northern Waterfalls The far North of Zambia has a huge variety of hidden gems.

The places described here are great spots to visit for the self driving visitor, we recommend making a trip of several days to Ndole Bay and several days back.

Almost 30% of all the fresh water in Africa originates in Zambia and a large portion of this is in the Northern province of Zambia.

There are an untold number of waterfalls in the region, all are spectacularly beautiful; from the roaring Lumangwe (AKA Victoria falls of the North) and Kabweluma falls to the gorgeous and picturesque Ntumbachusi.

Many of these hidden gems are rarely visited and several are virtually unknown and even more magnificent for it.

As a display of Nature’s simplistic beauty waterfalls are unequalled, their allure over the ages is evident by the volume of rock art in their immediate vicinity.

Many of the waterfalls of Northern Zambia still hold Mythical significance to the Local people: spirit houses and incantations are still in use….and not for the sake of tourism, the power of these waterfalls is as it has always been.

Kalambo falls Situated several kilometres upstream of where the Kalambo river flows into the lake is Africa’s second highest single drop waterfall. Ndole Bay Lodge offers overnight tours to Kalambo, the climb from the lake is hugely rewarding and the views from the escarpment are truly spectacular!

Kalambo Falls

Lumangwe Falls Is several kilometres downriver from the Kalungwishi bridge on the Mansa to Kawambwa road. An absolutely spectacular waterfall over 100 meters wide and about 30 meters high. Isolated in surrounding Miombo woodlands, one of the best kept secrets of northern Zambia.

Lumangwe Falls

Ntumbachusi Falls Situated only a kilometre off the tar road there is a delightful array of swimming holes above the falls and the campsite is charming at the base of the falls. An ideal overnight stopover on the way to Ndole Bay.


Ntumbuchusi Falls

For more information on how to get to Ndole Bay and waterfalls route visit


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