Walk in Nsumbu National Park

Here are a few images from our walking safari in Nsumbu National Park. Its always harder to see animals by foot as they are more wary of your presence and are afraid of people. When in a boat or car the animals are less afraid as they dont really connect a vehicle with danger. In saying that, by walking you do feel more of a connection to the wilderness, the sounds and the smells that come with it. Nsumbu is such a little known park with hardly any tourism apart from what we do, so you dont see other tourists or hear vehicles, we have it completely to ourselves.

We were lucky to see plenty of elephant on our walk. Although skittish, there were certainly signs of the numbers increasing over the last few years, this is due to the conservation efforts made by Conservation Lake Tanganyika, since they came along and supported the local wildlife scouts, the incidents of elephant poaching have reduced drastically.

_DSC1978 _DSC1980 _DSC1983 _DSC1985 _DSC1988

We also saw plenty of hippo, Pukus, Bush Buck and crocodiles off Crocodile Beach, a place reknown for the size of the crocs that live there.  The ruins of the old Crocodile farm that once operated in the 1980’s are still there. We walked over and around the cages, now filled with grass and scrub, imagining the big reptiles that lay caged there in the past.

It was a stunning afternoon, walking through the bush and climbing the sand dunes of Kasaba Bay, that these few pictures really dont do it justice. You will just have to come and see it for yourself to truly understand. It really is the real, wild Africa here.  Not like the choreographed parks of South Africa.

How blessed we are to have Lake Tanganyika and Nsumbu National Park right on our doorstep. A hidden treasure away from the world.


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