People often ask us is the water that bl

People often ask us is the water that blue? The answer is that yes but its seasonal. The clarity of the water depends on what time of year, how rough the waters been and has there been rain. The best time to dive and experience the bluest of waters is to come in either June/early July and October/November/December. This is after the rains have stopped and in between the times of Kapata (strong winds and rougher waters). We cant of course predict the weather but generally that when the calmest and clearest waters can be found. The SUBA diving during those times is sensational with visibility over 20m on a good day. There is a incredible amount of aquatic life to discover with the colorful Cichlids and also an easy place to learn to dive as there is no under currents like in the ocean. Due to our geographic location we generally have sunny, warm days all year round so we are the perfect beach destination for those looking for a getaway. For more info on activities or when to visit please email


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