Peanut Butter Smothered Pumpkin Leaves (Muboora)

Classic zambian vegetarian dish

The African Pot Nutrition

I once called my mother to ask her for a recipe. After almost 2 minutes of listening to her list a variety of ways to cook the food, I found myself totally confused and unsure of how I wanted to prepare it.  It was pumpkin season in North America and I had stumbled upon a traditional favorite, pumpkin leaves.  Rather than just picking one method of preparation, my mother had given me a whole recipe book.  I distinctly remember her asking me if I wanted to make them with “peanut butter. fresh cream, oil and tomatoes…. with the blossoms or without. ”  The list went on and although I was somewhat irritated at the time, I am now eternally grateful because I have a whole recipe book (okay, maybe 7 recipes) on cooking pumpkin leaves.  Pumpkin season has once again rolled into North America and I must admit that I…

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