Zambia, the land of water and waterfalls

When most people think of Africa it summons images of deserts and dry savannas but in Zambia, it is far from the truth. Zambia is the southern end of Lake Tanganyika the longest and second deepest lake in the world. It has a myriad of stunning waterfalls from Victoria Falls (world famous) to the 2nd highest falls in africa, Kalembo Falls.

2nd highest in africa
2nd highest in africa

On the northern waterfall route, which is a popular route for self drive campers, one can camp at a different falls every night and as its not very well known you are likely to have them all to yourselves.
Lumungwe Falls is known as little Victoria Falls to the locals, is a stunning spot with the campsite located at the falls precipice and you can bathe there as the sun goes down.
Lumangwe falls
Right by Lumungwe is Kabweluma Falls which surrounds you in a near 360 degrees of silver waters. Both of these falls, along with the smaller yet more picturesquw Ntumbuchusi Falls are located on the drive between Mansa and Mporokoso. From Lumungwe Falls to the lodge is around 5 and a half hours drive.
The more popular driving route to Ndole Bay Lodge is via Kasama and Mporokoso and also there are two waterfalls you can visit or camp at. Chisimba Falls is a large waterfall with smaller waterfalls dotted along it and great for a lunch picnic spot. It has a trail to the bottom as well as a top viewing area and BBQ facilites. This is also where a hydro electric plant diverts water to make some of Zambias power. Also the newer and more quiet spot along the route is Chilumbwe falls which is about an hour out from Kasama and a great camping spot for the night. It is a newly developed National monument and is quiet and secluded.
great camp spot between kasama and ndole bay lodge
great camp spot between kasama and ndole bay lodge

The largest of the wetlands and also world famous is the Bangwelu Swamps. Known for the home of thousands of Black Lechwe and the rare Shoe Bill stork. This is located just north of Mansa and well worth a few nights stay and Shoebill Island Camp. So hire a 4X4 and drive northern Zambia as its truly a circuit filled with natural wonders unlike anywhere else on earth!


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