Zambian National Fishing Competition- Lake Tanganyika

The lodge filled to the brim and the excitement was building…who would be this years winner?

With 21 teams in the running and up to 3 people per team, it was stiff competition. All of them seasoned Lake Tanganyika fishermen vieing for the top prize which was $1000 per person plus fantastic prizes and Zambian wide acclaim.

It is won via accummulated weight of your fish, and fish under 1kg no not qaulify. Only Trolling fishing is allowed.

The competition is 3 teir: The first day is the Hyperlite Comp- its a 1 day comp and competitors can only use 1kg breaking strain line.

Then its the Ultalite comp- a 2 day comp using 2kg line.

Lastly the main event..The Zambian National- a 3 day comp with 6kg line. The main comp everyone wants to win.

At 4am my day starts to get breakfast ready for the intrepid fishermen, by 6am we’re serving and by 6:30am the fishermen are departing on their boats to reach their chosen starting line.

At 7am the fishing starts and the fishermen must weigh in by 5pm to submit their catch.

The first days winner of the Hyperlite competition was won by Team Fisher with 18kgs.

The 2 day Ultralite winners was Team Gilbert with 33kgs. A lovely 3kg Tiger fish was also brought in that day from Team Van Blerk.

The 3 Day National Competitions Winner was Van Blerk Team with over 60kgs of fish.

The coveted Best Overall Performance Trophy however went to Team Cleminshaw.

It was lots of fun had by all and the best comp yet. The Captains meeting was sponsered by Chantete and they supplied all the drinks that function. On the Prize Giving, Drinks were sponsered by Bell Equipment for $1500.

This event is a great networking and advertising opportunity and all enquiries for support can be forwarded to Reg Hughes.

Hope to see you there next year!


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