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The Plight of Africa’s Pangolins

The Pangolin is the worlds most trafficked mammal, yet most people have never even heard of it before. Also known as the Scaly Ant Eater, these gentle animals are covered in protective scales which are made up of keratin, the same substance that makes up human hair and nails, making up 20% of their body […]

Why you should visit Zambia for your African Safari: 7 Authentic Experiences

There are so many countries to choose from when planning your much anticipated trip to Africa but many still choose to take the well trodden tourist routes of South Africa,Kenya or Tanzania as opposed to really going and experiencing something unique and truly African. I think it comes down to the wanting to just tick […]

2018 marks 100 years since the End of the East African WW1 Campaign on Tanganyika

This year marks 100 years since the German Schutztruppe forces ‘layed down their arms’ marking the end of the east African Campaign of WW1 on 25 November 1918. There will be a Official Ceremony held in Mbala on Sunday the 25th November this year that all are welcome to attend. This is to include wreath laying by […]

Soul Searching: 2 weeks to tour majestic Northern Zambia, Africa

Ask any international tourist if they know where Zambia is and most will answer ‘its in South Africa isnt it?’. Zambia one of the least known African countries and still remains a bit of a mystery to most travelers, only really recognized for having Victoria Falls on its border with Zimbabwe.   Its such a pity […]

Kalambo Falls on Lake Tanganyika: The longest history of human occupation in sub-sahara Africa

The Kalambo Falls on the Kalambo River is a 772-foot (235 m) single-drop waterfall on the border of Zambia and Tanzania at the southeast end of Lake Tanganyika. The falls are some of the tallest uninterrupted falls in Africa (after South Africa’s Tugela Falls, Ethiopia’s Jin Bahir Falls and others). Downstream of the falls is the Kalambo Gorge, which has a width of about 1 km and a depth of up […]

Zambia’s favorite fish – The humble Kapenta

The Tanganyika sardine, is known as Kapenta in Zambia. The Kapenta fish is really two species (Lake Tanganyika sardine, Limnothrissa miodon and Lake Tanganyika sprat, Stolothrissa tanganicae), both of which are small, planktivorous, pelagic, freshwater fish originating from Lake Tanganyika in Zambia. This little fish from Lake Tanganyika is usually around 7cm long, its maximum length is 10 cm. They form the major biomass of pelagic fish in […]

Lake Tanganyika and the search for Oil

Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016 for joint exploration and development of hydrocarbons in Lake Tanganyika over a period of 10 years by London based Tullow Oil. “We have signed a memorandum of understanding to exchange experiences in exploration and exploitation of petroleum in Lake Tanganyika,” […]

Frankfurt Zoological Society comes to Nsumbu National Park, Lake Tanganyika.

Located on the Zambian shores of Lake Tanganyika, an aquatic world in itself, Nsumbu is a wildlife refuge, a unique ecosystem and the youngest of Frankfurt Zoological Society’s projects in Africa. The Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Project is Frankfurt Zoological Society’s latest engagement in Africa. We build on the work of Craig Zytkow who founded and […]

Lake Tanganyika and its Adjoining Waterways

Lake Tanganyika, second largest of the lakes of eastern Africa. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world (410 miles [660 km]) and the second deepest 1,436 metres after Lake Baikal in Russia. Comparatively narrow, varying in width from 10 to 45 miles (16 to 72 km), it covers about 12,700 square miles (32,900 square km) and forms the boundary between Tanzania and […]